WTM #1168 Yule Y[o]ule Xmess


wReck thiS meSS ~ Amsterdam – Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies – 21.12.13
Winter Wonderland > Darlene Love + Phil Spector
Blood And Snow > Susumu Yokota
Delicate Passage > Minilogue vs Ooze
Walking Through Snow > ASMR Sound
Analysis of An Old Man’s Winter Night > Raja Sharma
Melt Water > Boreal Taiga
Cold Temperatures and Heavy Snowfall > Winter Storm Alert
Stopping by Woods on a Snowy Evening > Robert Frost
Listen The Snow Is Falling > Yoko Ono
Window > The Album Leaf
3 Minutes avant le Grand Saut > T2’n
Snow Dub > Segue
Drift > Roderick Packe
The Snow Man > Wallace Stevens
Walking Thru Snow on Barnhill > The Snow Walker
The Gnome > Scott Marshall
While The Cold Winter Waiting > Trentemøller
Roses Department Store Sale Announcement Tape 10-31-88 Side > Adam Martin
Grantchester Meadows Remembered > Doof vs Wabi
Sometimes In Winter [exc] > Sergio Mendes & Brasil 66
Organ Life 2007 [exc] > If, Bwana
Kerst Melodies > Draaiorgel “De Anton Pieck”
Kerst met Gustav > Draaiorgel “De Pansfluiter”
Organ In The Attic Sings The Blues > Deadbeat
Elastic Flexural Waves Through An Ice Shelf > BT GATE X-138
The Singing Lake: the Sound of Ice Cracking & Shifting > Puppas
Moss Mountain Town > The Album Leaf
Almost Fell [exc] > Nicolas Jaar
The January Man > Bert Jansch
Too Fragile To Walk On > Biosphere
The Late Snow & Lumber Strike of 54 > Gary Snyder
Winter Wonderland > Joe pass
5 Stupid Things About Climate Change Denial > Steve Shives
Strange Attractor Part I [exc] > Marc Sloan & Tree of Nerves
Nature > Stress Assassin
Strange Attractor Part III [exc] > Marc Sloan & Tree of Nerves
Winter in America > Gil Scott-Heron & Brian Jackson
First Snow [exc] > Emancipator
L’Inverno (Winter) > Vivaldi
Froze Drone (Grønlapse, Greenland) > Boreal Taiga
Pjesna Ljesorubov (Song Of The Lumberjacks) > Mari Boine, Inna Zhelannaya, Sergey Starostin
Through The Winter > Saint Etienne
Winter Wonderland > Emancipator
Knik River Ice Cracking > Thermatology
Snowfall > Robin Guthrie & Harold Budd
Frosty the Snowman > Fiona Apple
Silent Dream > Lemongrass
Message from Corporate Sponsors > Turtle Island News
Is Global Warming Causing Snow Storms > News Politics Info
Winter Wonderland > Booker T. and the MG’S
Winter (Hostel-Maxi) > The Fall
Hot Winter’s Day > Prefuse73
The First Snow Fall > Lalo Schifrin
Trafficante Onosphere > B/art + Black Sifichi
Let it snow (Remix) > Dj x-Tract
Does Global Warming Cause MORE Snow > TechSpank
Let It Snow > Lena Horn vs Suedo Jazz
Winter Time > Trio Schmeed
Beim Grasen [Glattalp, Muotathal] > Cyrill Schlapfer
Be True (Remix) > Commix vs Burial
Winter Poem > Nikki Giovanni
Winter Song > Sara Bareilles & Ingrid Michaelson
Winter 98 > Longers
Winter Poem >  Radka Toneff
Sometimes In Winter >
Jardin d’Hiver > Keren Ann
Footprints In The Snow > Cliff Carlisle
Winter [exc] > Emma Peel
January Song > Billy Bragg
Winter Morning > Teemu T
Train To Narvik (Norway) > Boreal Taiga
Endtro > b/art

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