Top of the Top of the Top of 2007
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 1001/2
[music acquired/(re)discovered in 2007;
not necessarily  2007 release]
When I was young – I think I wasn’t even 8 – I started following Top 40-type lists on pop radio stations, I kept my own lists, listening intently to the announcements of songs to hear what position they were in. Early on I already had trouble fathoming the relation between position and quality. This was a fundamental error: associating position in top 40 with quality. This became the beginning of my evolution into someone who has been a champion of the underdog. In terms of taste or essential quality of song or group, there was no rhyme nor reason for why some crappy songs were in the Top 40 and others hit the bottom of the charts, never to go any higher. I used to collect the charts, slender slips of paper you could get at a variety of music and book type stores, of the WENY [Elmira, NY pop radio] Top of the Crop charts. I saved some them, marked my faves and the ones I was allowed to record on a reel-to-reel tape my father gave me and recorded with a mike next to the radio and then marking the songs as I recorded them. [Here’s one I could locate: 1. In the Year 2525 > Zager & Evans; 2. Spinning Wheel > Blood, Sweat & Tears; 3. Crystal Blue Persuasion > Tommy James & the Shondells; 4. Good Morning Starshine > Oliver;  5. Bad Moon Rising > Creedence Clearwater Revival; 6. What Does It Take > Jr. Walker & the Allstars; 7. My Cherie Amour > Stevie Wonder; 8. One > Three Dog Night; 9. Love Theme > Henry Mancini; 10. Color Him Father > Winstons; 11. Israelites > Desmond Dekker; Ruby Don’t Take Your Love to Town > Kenny Rodgers; 13. Ballad of John & Yoko > [Beatles?] John Lennon & Yoko Ono // as you can see back then charts included ‘anything and everything’, in any case, a wide variety of styles.

I’ve even saved a few of these lists as mementos from another obsessive period. My own top 40s back then and certainly now looked quite different from what the radio was spinning. The end of the year meant missing meals and arguing with my parents to let me listen as the radio stations counted down each year with me religiously [compulsively – what’s the difference!] keeping up with the list countdown. This is part of the weird ritual of assessing the year on 31 December. Trying to make sense of it.

My lists have become legendary (if only in my own mind). Before [the 1960s] music came in a few formats: vinyl, tape, radio. Now I receive music in the form of LPs, singles, cassettes [yes, still!], CDs, MP3s, data files, MP3s attached to emails, downloads off internet… The final list order is not tight although the top 5 were pretty much my tops for the year… It’s been a good year for music but we must wonder if music actually has a utilitarian function: does it calm the savage soul? Can music be a tool for some kind of peace, some kind of betterment of society on any level.

———–> 14 January 2008

In Full Bloom > Annea Lockwood [28]
Virtu > Day Care Centre [35]
Floating World 1 > Annea Lockwood [28]
I’m Your Captain > Grand Funk Railroad [f]
Floating World 2 > Annea Lockwood [28]
+ Rumba Tempo 3 > Rhythm 33 [20-yr-old rhythm maker machine]
+ Engels op Reis [language record]
Grasshopper Rumba > Xavier Cugat & His Orchestra [30]
Floating World 3 [exc] > Annea Lockwood [28]
Atno3 > Heller [27]
Pilgerfahrt > Stimmhorn [26]
2093hz.1 > Heller [27]
Propempticon > Jozef van Wissem [11]
togglorch > Heller [27]
Low Mass > Jozef van Wissem [11]
togglorch > Heller [27]
Grand Central Confessional > Jozef van Wissem [11]
Deer Stop > Goldfrapp [14]
Dress Up > Olivia Louvel [06]
Ritualistic Kick Boxing Music 8 > Various anonymous Mauy Thai musicians [07]
Aisha > Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects [17]
Down Old Church Lane > Coachmen vs Septimania [20]
The Guru Let Me Down > Um [34]
Multin > Gipsy.cz [k]
Polka Dot Com > Bertin [34]
Gitane > Dalida [29]
Eurasian Cynocephalus Birthdayparty > Cuta Kebab & Party [34]
Runnin’ Away > Sly & The Family Stone [23]
Ritualistic Kick Boxing Music 1 > Various anonymous Mauy Thai musicians [07]
The Art of Hearing > Daniel Steven Crafts [05]
The Simple Way > Solomonoff & Von Hoffmanstahl [h]

———–> 21 January

Vibration Ruling the Nation > Liquid Stranger [12]
Blood on My Hands > Shackleton vs Ricado Villalobos [a]
Dub Dub Save Me > Lump [09]
Still Random OR Burial of Music > Rothkamm [16]
Late Night Call > Emily Hay vs Marcos Fernandes [36]
From Beyond > Klaus Nomi [21]
True Romance at The World’s Fair > Algebra Suicide [g]
Return > Klaus Nomi [21]
Adieu Schiller > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]
Transition no. 1  > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]
Schiller’s  > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]
Entomodub 1 Remix > Lena [02]
Mary Long Tongue Version > Barrington Levy [n]
Version > General Echo [n]
Orbital Hora > Our Man from Odessa [19]
Stepping Dub > The Revolutionaries [n]
Periphery (Take Me There Mix) > Lena vs Black Sifichi [02]
Welcome > International Observer [08]
Hidjaz Ask > Up Bustle & Out vs Engin Aslan [04]
Stilles Wasser > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]
Z Stukisch > Erika Stucky [03]
Dog Yodel > Mike Johnson [I]
All I Really Want To Do > Erika Stucky [03]
They Call It Existential Monday > Mikhail Horowitz vs Gilles Malkine vs Lori Wilner [15]
Lookin’ Good Polka > Polkaholics [22]
Punch > Antoine Berthiaume vs MaryClare Brzytwa [13]
Transition no. 4 > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]
Giden Gitti > Up Bustle & Out [04]
Chanting Version / Chanting > Jim Nastic vs C. Dodd [n]
Hot Tip > Prince Django vs Lee Scratch Perry [n]
Tequila Gang Bang > Our Man from Odessa [19]
Anda Luz > Up Bustle & Out vs Benjamin Escoriza [04]
Leviathans Traum > Cyrill Schlaepfer [01]

———–> Top Albums / full CDs
[01] • Cyrill Schläpfer: Die Waldstätte (Lake Luzern) [Truetone ] The secret audio lives of steamships and paddle steamers. Gargantuan project reminds me of the audio equivalent of Herzog’s Fitzcarraldo film [4 CDs / 3 DVDs].
[02] • Lena featuring Black Sifichi: The Uncertain Trail [Sounds Around ] Psycho-active and psycho-geographical electro-dub journeys to the end of this flat earth.
[03] • Erika Stucky: Suicidal Yodels [Traumton] Yodeling meets the next generation of creative, inventive pop. [see my website for more on her].
[04] • Up Bustle & Out: Istanbul’s Secrets [Collision] Musicological collisions in a trippy setting.
[05] • Daniel Steven Crafts: Soap Opera Suite / Snake Oil Symphony [Lutra, 1982] This long lost resource is an inspired LP of artistic sampling as well as one of the essential sampling resource discs for DJs. Great to have it back. Thanks Tony.
[06] • Olivia Louvel: Lulu in Suspension [Optical Sound ] Little Annie Anxiety fronting Portishead?
[07] • Mauy Thai: Ritualistic Kick Boxing Music [SP Bangkok] Before a Thai kick-boxing fight, the boxers perform a ritualistic form of prayer. Thanks Nina.
[08] • International Observer: Heard [Dubmission / dubmission@btinternet.com] Roots Dub jump-started for a spectacular voltage boost.
[09] • Lump: Dub [Future]. Thanx Kirk. Future MRI MIA style dub.
[10] • If, Bwana & Al Margolis: An Innocent, Abroad [Pogus]. The enchanting Lorelei go on tour to cause midtown traffic crisis.
[11] • Jozef van Wissem: Stations of the Cross [ncunabulum / www.jozefvanwissem.com] Plunging into the ancient to emerge in a post-modern antiseptic controlled-environment airport soundscape. Time travel without all the hassle of packing your bags.
[12] • Liquid Stranger: The Invisible Conquest [Interchill Records] Chillout dub at its best. Thanx Kirk.
[13] • Antoine Berthiaume & MaryClare Brzytwa: Bebe Donkey [Ambiences Magnetiques] amazingly cool without for a moment acting it or probably having the right haircut.
[14] • Goldfrapp: Felt Mountain [Mute] From 2000, Tremendously atmospheric record.
[15] • Mikhail Horowitz & Gilles Malkine: Poor, On Tour & Over 54 [No Help Here / horowitz@bard.edu] Intellectual punnery and downright bold funnery.
[16] • Frank Rothkamm: LAX [Flux Records] Sounding like it was the long lost soundtrack to Brazil the movie and as if it has been produced in a dusty particle accelerator filled with Gummi Bears.
[17] • Aisha Kandisha’s Jarring Effects: El Buya [Barbarity/RecRec] Yes, this is from the mid-1990s but I just found it again after playing it to death on my WFMU show back then. Moroccan industrial dub.
[18] • Various Artists: Superbad: The Very Best of Blaxploitation [Warner / ] pseudo-hip post-Tarantino youth like to embrace this but despite that, there’s a lot of great stuff on this.
[19] • OMFO: We Are the Shepherds [Essay] Wacked hipness with faulty vodka.
[20] • Coachmen vs Septimania: The Coahmen on Holiday in Septimania [Commodify This ] Basement Tapes mangled in a leaky dungeon with the so-called brothers of the Shaggs.
[21] • Klaus Nomi: Simple Man [RCA] Operatic punk-drag glam at its best. First famous person to die of AIDS.
[22] • Polkaholics: Polka über Alles [Polkaholics ] The link between polka and punk has never been more obvious – the sound, the clothes, the speed…
[23] • Sly & the Family Stone: There’s a Riot Goin’ On [Epic Legacy] Difficult, elusive and cool: the confluence of hippie and funk, peace and drugs, danceable beats and …
[24] • Alan Bishop & Mark Gergis: Radio Thailand: Transmissions from the Tropical Kingdom [SF] Thanks Rene van Peer. Sun City girls go crazy collecting several thousand hours of music and sounds in Thailand.
[25] • Vladislav Delay: Multila [Efa Imports] Atmospheric glitch with textural extrapolations, venturing into ambient spectral waves of suspicious geographic emotion.
[26] • Various Artists: Heimatklänge [Traumton ] Read my review of the movie. Online.
[27] • Heller: .01..05  [Optical Sound] Blip Blip – learn the language people.
[28] • Annea Lockwood: Thousand Year Dreaming / Floating World [Pogus]. The sound of gravitational pull, of floating objects, of thoughts scraping along unnamed film noir topographies.
[29] • Dalida: Bambino [Membran & SVM]. Tragic chanteuse flung herself out of a Montmartre apartment window.
[30] • Xavier Cugat and his Orchestra: Cugi’s Cocktails [Mercury] With a 60-year difference, he married Charo, the Pamela Anderson of her day…
[31] • Joanna Newsom: Ys [Drag City] Weird Dylan Thomas meets Yeats Middle Earth hippie stuff and there is her enchanting harp.
[32] • Air: Moon Safari [Source] Better than hip.
[33] • Visit Venus: Music for Tourism vol. 1 [Yo Mama’s] This dates from 1995. Thanx Kirk.
[34] • Various Artists: This is WORM Station [WORM] Rotterdam meets the world inside out.
[35] • Day Care Centre: A Jumpin’ Jackpot of Melody [Czecher / thedaycarecentre@yahoo.com]
[36] • Emily Hay vs Marcos Fernandes: We Are [Public Eyesore ]

———–> Singles
[a] • Shackleton: Blood On My Hands (Ricardo Villalobos Apocalypso Now Mix) [Soundboy Punishments / Skull Disco] amazing piece of hypnotic dark dubstep.
[b] • Matt Rogalsky: Sprawl (Western Magnetics) [Memory Like Water / XI] 24-minute masterpiece.
[c] • Erika Stucky: All I Really Want To Do (Dylan) [Suicidal Yodels / Traumton] great yodeling take on a Dylan song where he actually attempts a cracked yodel himself.
[d] • Gwen Stefani: Wind It Up [The Sweet Escape / Interscope] Much better than people are willing to admit especially the video. And there is great recycled literary-allusional yodeling. Smart.
[e] • Black Sifichi with Scotty Ross & Strings of Consciousness: Midnight Moonbeams [outtake] Prefer this mix to the one on the Strings album.
[f] • Grand Funk Railroad: I’m Your Captain [Capitol / ] The first ambient rock record complete with birds and the feeling of spaciousness induced by correct drug use.
[g] • Algebra Suicide: True Romance at the World’s Fair [Buzzerama ] RIP  Lydia, September 2007. Great underground single. Lydia Lunch with a smile.
[h] • Solomonoff & Von Hoffmanstahl: The Simple Way [The Simple Way / editor@mondoqt.com] Were the only band I ever saw that could outdo the dissonance and errant noise that NY shoves into your soul. Like all good revolutionaries, they cleansed your soul and made sure that people got home on time.
[i] • Dog Yodel: Mike Johnson [Yodeling 40 years / Roughshod] This yodel connects the human spirit to the fauna voice. Great piece of anthropological madness.
[j] • Defrost Oven Lisa Smith Klossner vs Strings of Consciousness [Central Control]
[k] • Gipsy.cz: Multin [Romano Hip Hop / Indies Scope] Wanted to like the entire cd but of 15 trax, 4 were ok, and this one is excellent.
[l]• Sophie Tucker: There’s Something Spanish In My Eyes [taken from Willem Breuker’s homage to Tucker for which I did the transcription of the lyrics]
[m] • Anouk: Hi Hello, Hi Hello [Automatik Kalamity / Virgin France] She is a really good strong Dutch pop singer somewhere between Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell and Alanis Morrisette.
[n] • Various Reggae singles. Purchased original label singles from 1970s. Treasure chest.

———–> Lifetime Achievement Awards:
• Musicworks [cds 1-99] Canadian dedication to inventive sound.
• DrDr Jazz who has turned the ukulele into a tool of terror. No wonder Michigan unemployment is the highest in the nation and GM has fled overseas.
• Various: Big Mag #1 & 2 [de Player] A magazine with vinyl and an underground strategy for creative survival
4_2Best of Best of Best of 2006
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam
Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 358 [955*]
15 January 2007 // 16.50-19.00
Rastrillo-termontanque > Anla Courtis [29]
La Radio, Ça Detend > Elsa Justel [26]
Reducido a Hemmoragia de Merkluzas > Anla Courtis [29]
Arrivals & Departures > Yves Martel [+]
Buy First, Second Free > Andrew Duke [10]
N/p 4 part 1 > Norscq vs aka Bondage [9]
Sterile > Black Sifichi vs Brain Damage [i]
N/p 4 part 2 > Norscq vs aka Bondage [9]
Freyi Walt / Bim Josef > Christine Lauterberg [12]
Body Enduring Inconsistency > Huang Qing + Aojie A Ge [13]
Voix de la Ville > Henri Pousseur [1]
Coke > Mash Up Sound System vs Incredibad [13]
Presto > Iva Bittova [31]
Can’t Beat Blim > Ted Milton vs Sam Britton [7]
Whip My Toudie > Jozef van Wissem [11]
Walking Man > James Taylor [k]
Parti Longtemps > Michel F. Coté [3]
20 Rats at Once > Unireverse [17]
The Big Wig > J. D. King & the Coachmen [$]
Pennies from Heaven > Frank Rosolino [d]
Metroconversation > Suzanne Thoma vs Brain Damage [i]
Usti, Usti Baba > Senor Coconut vs Koçani Orchestar [20]
Dub Homo > Serge Gainsbourg [4]
Heeme > Etran Finatawa [6]
Thunda & Lightning > ERS-One vs Scud [22]
Chicharras Night > Up, Bustle & Out [24]
Sara Love > DJ Amsia [32]
Fenetres > Mohammed el Amraoui vs Brain Damage [i]
Mirrors the Movement > Phil Hargreaves vs Lee Noyes [*]
British Tourist Revisited > John Dowie vs POW Ensemble [iv] [b]
In A Gadda Da Vida > Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha [c]
Rise > Noiseshaper [16]
Inuit Wedding > Sainkho [iii]
Purple Peeps > Sensational vs Kouhei [18]
Warm Leatherette Erik Friedlander vs Teho Teardo [21] [e]
Top 2006 [Obviously some of these were released (way) before 2006]
[1] Henri Pousseur > Acousmatrix – History of Electronic Music IV > BVHaast.
[2] Up, Bustle & Out > City Breakers 18 Frames per Second > Collision.
[3] Michel F. Coté > Flat Fourgonnette: Mescal Free Style > Dame.
[4] Serge Gainsbourg > Mauvaises Nouvelles des Etoiles > Philips/Mercury/Universal.
[5] Various Poets > Poetry on Record: 98 Poets Read Their Work, 1888–2006 > Shout Factory <shoutfactory.com>.
[6] Etran Finatawa > Introducing > World Music network .
[7] Ted Milton > Odes > TM.
[8] Shukar Collective > Urban Gypsy > Riverboat .
[9] Norscq > 5 Streams > Optical Sound
[10] Andrew Duke > Consumer vs. User > Cognition Audioworks.
[11] Jozef van Wissem > A Rose by Any Other Name: Anonymous Lute Solos of the Golden Age  > BVHaast.
[12] Christine Lauterberg > Alles Bleibt Anders > Dewil Music <www.dewilmusic.ch>.
[13] Various WORM Artists > Dig / Feed / Shit > WORM .
[14] Beans > Shock City Maverick > Warp.
[15] Polkabilly: How the Goose Island Ramblers Redefined American Folk Music > Oxford University Press.
[16] Noiseshaper > Real to Reel > Echo Beach.
[17] Unireverse > Plays the Music > No Type
[18] Sensational > Sensational Meets Kouhei > WordSound.
[19] American Polka: Old Tunes & New Sounds > Trikont.
[20] Various Artists > Electric Gypsyland > Crammed / 6 Degrees .
[21] Erik Friedlander & Teaho Teardo  > Giorni Rubati > Bip-Hop.
[22] ERS-One Rude, Rugged and Rough Raggabot .
[23] The Cats & the Fiddle > Start Jive Talkin’ > Dee-Jay
[24] Up, Bustle & Out > Mexican Sessions > Collision.
[25] Earl Okin > Music Genius & Sex Symbol > Columbia
[26] Various Artists > My Radio > LMC .
[27] RothKamm > FB02; Astronaut of Inner Space > Flux
[28] Rocket/Freudental > Wir Leben Wie Gespenster > Trikont .
[29] Anla Courtis > Tape Works > Pogus
[30] The Grief > The Grief – Greatest Hits on Optical Sound.
[31] Iva Bittova & Others > Elida on Indies Records
[32] Various Artists > Worm April 2006 CDR.
Not Eligible But Still Good [I had a hand in these]
[i] Various Artists > Spoken Dub Manifesto > Jarring Effects.
[ii] Dub Syndicate > The Rasta Far I > Collision .
[iii] Rough Guide to Yodel > World Music Network
[iv] POW Ensemble > Birdsong from Inside the Egg > X-Or
Incomprehensible (not necessarily bad, in fact, mostly good) Honor Roll
[$] J. D. King & the Coachmen > American Mercury > Ecstatic Peace <ecstaticpeace.com>.
[%] ArkLIGHT > Gochu > Rank Cologne <kolmrank@verizon.net>
[#] Dr.Dr. Jazz > Erik Satie: Vexations > Party Beach <drdrjazz@yahoo.com>
[*] Phil Hargreaves & Les Noyes > A Present from the Pickpocket
[+] Engagement & Confrontation > Yves Martel > Ambiences Magnetiques
Singles / individual trax
[a] Sex Machine [Brown] > Serge Gainsbourg vs La Horde
[b] British Tourist Revisited John Dowie vs POW Ensemble
[c] In A Gadda Da Vida > Albert Kuvezin & Yat-Kha
[d] Pennies from Heaven > Frank Rosolino [jazz yodeling!]
[e] Warm Leatherette Erik Friedlander vs Teho Teardo
[f] Dreams > the Cranberries [post-new wave yodeling]
[g] Arriba Monte > Brigada Victor Jara
[h] Ageing Young Rebel > DJ Food vs Ken Nordine
[k] Walking Man > James Taylor
[l] Blue Xmas > Miles Davis & Bob Dorough
[m] Song for my Choir > Trout Pomeroy
[n] Benny & the Jets > Elton John & the Muppets
• With every year end tabulation I am brought to many junctures mentally and mnemonically. Upon moving to the US when I was six I remember ‘learning’ America through my transistor radio, something I took with me everywhere growing up in New Jersey. I remember taking it to bed, tuning it on my pillow, drawing in distant stations that fluttered and flourished somewhere in the Midwest. I remember the angst and sadness as the battery wore out and the stations began to fade until all you could get was the most powerful station in the area, like WOR. I remember testing the transistor batteries by putting your tongue on the 2 poles and getting this kind of titillating bitter shock on your tongue. I remember riding on my bike, radio to ear, I remember devising a holder for it so I could ride with 2 hands, radio positioned on a little wooden platform strapped to my handlebars. I remember that the jolts were not good for this radio. I remember the internal antenna coming loose and the radio beginning to short out and me having to open the back to wiggle the internal parts to get it to cough up a few more hours of radio.
I remember going shopping in some department store for a new [red] transistor radio. I remember being alone a lot except for my radio and that a working radio was important to accompany me on my long dreamy meanderings through fields and strange towns. I remember my father buying a great old heavy Norelco reel-to-reel tape recorder and I remember him recording things off his shortwave radio and off TV like Ed Sullivan. I remember my father being big enough to share his toy with me and helping me set up the mike in front of the radio to especially record the top 100 countdown for the end of the year which usually happened during the Xmas season ending at New Year. There I would be diligently writing down the list from 100 to number 1 and trying to anticipate turning on the recorder to record numbers I liked since I only had one reel of tape. I remember this is where my fascination came from, trying to learn America and growing up and long hair and charisma and music and girls through the radio and pop and rock music.
The amazing thing back then was that the best music was pop music and that experimentation and adventure and mingled genres could all happen in the 1960s – black, white, rock, pop, jazz, even blues and Caribbean, Latin hits got through to the top 40s. I romanticize a bit no doubt but I liken then to a community neighborhood sandbox where all the kids played in the same box with the same sand. While today ‘everyone’ is ‘wealthy’ enough to live far away from any downtown and every house and family has its own playground and sandbox.
Today music that is interesting gets no airplay – that is why John Peel was such a big deal and his range wasn’t even that broad. But at least he was personally INTO what he played, which is more than you can say for the hacks manning the studios across the commercial radio world. The good thing about the Internet is that you can again hear strange things via Webradio or Podcasts. The downside is downloading [not necessarily for free and THAT I am not so sure about either – good or bad that you can ‘steal’ music.]. Downloading bypasses the third parties which include the labels, the graphic designers, the liner notes writers and the critics. You just download what you like and know and what others from your similar circles suggests you listen to.  The jury is still out on whether these developments are imploding or exploding tastes, broadening or narrowing horizons and ear palettes.
I know I am on the brink of changing the way I do radio and post my playlists [continue on Patapoe – OK. As long as we get back and stay online] and am getting advice from some of my more technically inclined friends who might come up with something yet. The problem with technological shifts [that happen with increasing frequency] is that if you keep up with your relation to the technology you lose your relation with content. The medium is NOT the message to me. The medium is a spoon, a tool. Just like a writer doesn’t write about a pencil or his keyboard, he automatically just USES the tool. That is how I want it to be with radio, broadcasting but alas I am always too tired after working to spend more hours figuring out how to launch myself in a new direction… anyway, I am looking to purchase some domain name, some virtual land and there build something to my liking…
The best here comes from over 150 records I was sent or given or that I bought or was sent as mp3s… I want to thank all of the labels and musicians who keep sending music. Furthermore, I want to again insist that I plan to catch up on delinquent playlists VERY soon.
r004Superior Top Best of 2005
wReck thiS meSS ~ Radio Patapoe 88.3 ~ Amsterdam

Ethno-Illogical Psycho-Radiographies: 319
2 Januari 2006 / 17.00-19.00

Everything we think of as great has come to us from neurotics. It is they and they alone who found religions and create great works of art. The world will never realize how much it owes to them, and what they have suffered in order to bestow their gifts on it.
• Marcel Proust

A Box With the Sound of its Own Making > Jozef van Wissem [5]
Reiterate Paean > Jozef van Wissem [5]
America — Before the War > Quatour Bozzini [22]
Encounter 3 > Iris Garrelfs [10]
9 Bass Channels > High Tone [35]
Sarangue > Hybrid Sound System [27]
Loudspeaker > Fedayi Pacha [13]
Lagom > Gabriele Proy [16]
We Are > Emily Hay [37]
14th Street > Laura Cantrell [g]
Bloody Mother-Fucking Asshole > Martha Wainwright [b]
When You Go > Madeleine Peyroux [4]
Timboektoe > Theo Loevendie vs Kristina Fuchs Sonic Unit [25]
Beauty > Willem Breuker [21]
Nationalhymne der DDR > FSK [29]
Passades Volume 1: Second Set > Roger Doyle [24]
So… Where Am I Now > Kyron vs Trip Tech vs Robert Anton Wilson [k]
Dream Tiger > Monster Island [8]
Kusekhaya > DJ Morpheus vs Layo & Bushwacka [31]
Based on the Lost Episode > Si-Cut.db [7]
Rumba Quinto, Havana, Cuba > Institute Superior del Arte vs Chris Brown [33]
St. Valentine’s Day Massacre > Ted Milton vs Loopspool [a]
Micro-chips & Fish > Red Krayola [39]
Keep Your Laws / Off My Body > Dog Face Hermans [23]
Don Cosmic > Hungry March Band [h]
Dub des Stups > Serge Gainsbourg vs Sly & Robbie [3]
Sepp Dub > Alpen Dub [e]
Fearless > Erika Stucky [j]
Peesacho > Edwin Torres [i]
Gomen Nasai (Forgive Me) > Slim Gaillard [18]
You Always Keep Me in Hot Water > Carolina Cotton [2]
Mouse Ear’s Blues > Cliff Carlisle [12]
Cool Drink of Water Blues > Tommy Johnson [9]
Too Drunk to Fuck > Nouvelle Vague [1]
Mr. Hole-in-One > Liana Flu Winks [c]


Outside of a dog, a book is man’s best friend. Inside of a dog it’s too dark to read.
• Groucho Marx (1890 – 1977)

Top Whatever – Wreck This Mess / Radio Patapoe / Amsterdam / Everywhere
[stuff received or purchased or bartered for this year – no matter what year it came out. As well as some stuff that came back up like marzipan vomit. I received and copied and bought over 150 CDs and also received a number of MP3s along the way…I would have provided URLs but its just as easy to Goggle the title and artist and come up with more info. Different records are in this Top 42 for wholly different reasons. Some records you play a lot, some are moving, some are audacious of concept, others are pure genius, or historically undeniable or pure joy or amazingly fresh and surprising or long sought-after masterpieces or under-regarded sounds. But what I notice right away in top pop/rap lists is the general homogeneity. What you notice on the other end of the spectrum is the Wire reader top 2005 — nary a recognizable name and you get the sense that that is part of the high/kick. Obscurity is its own justifier and lends the owner or list maker status. The order is not arbitrary but also not fixed — so #20 could have easily been #15 or #39 could have been #17. Although the top 5 in both lists are pretty much my faves. Bla`bla — happy 2006, yeah, right.]

[1] Nouvelle Vague > Nouvelle Vague / Peacefrog
[2] Yodeling Blonde Bombshell > Carolina Cotton / Kit Fox
[3] Aux Armes Et Caetera > Serge Gainsbourg / Universal [2003]
[4] Careless Love > Madeleine Peyroux / Rounder
[5] Objects in Mirror Are Closer Than They Appear > Jozef van Wissem / BVHaast
[6] Fear the Windows > [1] Kilo of Black Bondage / Ronda-Wallace
[7] From Tears: The Beach Archive > Si-Cut.db / Bip Hop
[8] Dream Tiger > Monster Island / The End is Here
[9] Canned Heat > Tommy Johnson / Document
[10] Specified Encounters > Iris Garrelfs / Bip-Hop
[11] VA > King Size Dub – Chapter 11 / Echo Beach
[12] A Country Legacy > Cliff Carlisle / JSP
[13] Dub Works (In Mysterious Ways) > Fedayi Pacha / Hammerbass-Bangarang
[14] Requiem Pour un Con Etc. > Barry Long & Friends / Obscure Unknown [courtesy Black Sifichi]
[15] American Folksongs for Children > Mike & Peggy Seeger / Rounder
[16] Soundscape Compositions > Gabrielle Proy / Proy
[17] Ways Out East / Ways Out West > Phil Minton & Veryan Weston / Intakt
[18] Laughing in Rhythm > Slim Gaillard / Proper
[19] Nénette et Boni > Tindersticks / Universal [1996]
[20] Rex Xhu Ping > If Bwana vs Al Margolis / Pogus
[21] Music for Films 1967/1994 > Willem Breuker & Johan van der Keuken / BVHaast
[22] Different Trains > Quatuor Bozzini / QB
[23] Those Deep Buds > Dog Face Hermans / Konkurrent
[24] His Master’s Noise: Volume 2 > Roger Doyle / BVHaast
[25] Bayram > Theo Loevendie meets Kristina Fuchs Sonic Unit / TryTone
[26] Hermoso Movimento > Earzumba / Dialsinfin [thanx Laurent]
[27] Synchrone > Hybrid Sound System / Sound Arounds [thanx Black Sifichi]
[28] Turn > The Ex / Ex Records
[29] Son of Kraut > FSK / Sub Up [1991!]
[30] Mi Curamberita > Alfredo Gutierrez / 1980s vinyl [courtesy Jeremy Rothbaum]
[31] In My Bag > DJ Morpheus / Crammed [2001]
[32] Sonic Suicide > Magic Carpathian Project / Vivo
[33] Talking Drum > Chris Brown / Pogus
[34] Mouvances – Metaphores > Francis Dhomont / BVHaast
[35] Wave Digger > High Tone / on Jarring Effects
[36] Berio – Maderna > Luciano Berio & Bruno Maderna / BVHaast
[37] Like Minds > Emily Hay / PF Mentum
[38] Seeds of Happiness part 1 > Jeffrey Roden / Big Tree
[39] The Red Krayola Singles > Red Krayola / Drag City [thanx Shyboy]
[40] VA > Modern Sound of Italy / Schema Records
[41] Live > Sound on Survival / Henceforth
[42] Babylon’s Burning Reconstructed > Ruts vs V/A / Collision

Only the mediocre are always at their best.
• Jean Giraudoux (1882 – 1944)
Single trax:
[a] St. Valentine’s Massacre > Ted Milton
[b] Mother Fucking Asshole > Martha Wainwright
[c] Mr. Hole-In-One > Liana Flu Winks
[d] Love Will Tear Us Apart / Guns of Brixton [tie] > Nouvelle Vague
[e] Sepp Dub / Jaga Ode [tie] > Alpen Dub
[f] Sugar Bowl > Jane Gilday / Mama Kangaroos, Genus
[g] 14th Street > Laura Cantrell
[h] Don Cosmic > Hungry March Band / Hungry March Band, HMB
[I] Peesacho > Edwin Torres [Novo / Oozebap <oozebap.com>]
[j] Fearless > Erika Stucky
[k]So… Where Am I Now > Kyron vs Trip Tech vs Robert Anton Wilson [Black Note]
[l] A New York Minute > Alan Licht <www.xirecrods.com>



TOP 20 of 2001

wreck thiS meSS ≈ Radio 100 [99.3 FM] + Radio Patapoe  [97.2] Amsterdam
Annual Best Top Faves & Other Choice Raves of 2001
“Bizz Top 20 over 2001” will be published on 23 January 2002 in the Dutch music industry magazine Muziek en Beeld, which will include the final Top 20 as voted on by people in the Dutch music world. All of the individual lists will also be available via email.
Inspired by this invitation and the fact that its the end of the year AND my 100th Anniversary show at Radio 100, I decided to do two shows devoted to faves: my overnight on Radio 100 concentrating on total discs that I liked and my Xmas eve show on Radio Patapoe concentrating on single cuts I really got hooked on. [SEE BELOW]. My choices were based on pure pleasure, the surprise of sound, the repeat plays on air AND at home [both thru air and on cordless headphones]…
System: the cuts in the 2 playlists below are numbered as to their placement in my “Bizz Top 27”. Other discs played either needed to be reheard [PiL] or included although released in 2000 [Tosca] or were really really good but just missed making the list [Tennis, Janek Schaefer] or were part of my tribute to friend/DJ, Frank Balesteri [Vanilla Bean] who passed on into the great white noise in November. All of these discs I have written about throughout the year. If you need contact or other info just ask.
1. “Matrix” > Ryoji Ikeda [Touch]
2. “Sah? / 5_24” > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [Progressive Form]
3. “Staedtizism” > Various Artists [~scape]
4. “Dub this Net: Altered Connection 1” > Various Artists [Hypertunez]
5. “Select Cuts from Blood & Fire: Chapter Two” > Various Artists [Echo Beach]
6. “Bip Hop Generation vols. 1-4” > Various Artists [Bip Hop / Bleep]
7. “Shallow & Profound” > Yonderboi [Ugar]
8. “King Jammy Meets Dry & Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger” > King Jammy vs Dry & Heavy [BSI]
9. “Your Favourite London Sounds” > compiled by Peter Cusack [London Musician’s Collective]
10. “Julie B. Bonnie” > Julie B. Bonnie [Island]
11. “Three the Hard Way” > DJ Scud vs Bombardier vs Nitro [Cross Fade Entertainment]
12. “I Love Serge: Electronica Gainsbourg” > Various Artists [Universal]
13. “Bit Streams” > Various Artists [JdK / Whitney Museum]
14. “Claire de Terre” > Robert Normandeau [Empreintes Digitales]
15. “Pole R” > Pole [~scape]
16. “The City’s Collapsing [But Not Tonight]” > Zorn [Lux Nigra]
17. “Don’t Dolby the Bedroom Composers” > Morphine Boutique [tete-a-tete]
18. “L’Autre Nuit” > Phil Von & the Gnawa Musicians of Fes [Prikosnovenie]
19. “Skandinavian” > Penumbra [Iris Light]
20. “Electronomicon” > Pitch Black [Kog]
21. “State of the Union 200.1” > Various Artists [EMF]
22. “Famous Aspect” > Various Artists [Mille Plateaux]
23. “Ten Thousand Shades of Blue” > Richard Lainhart [XI Records]
24. “My Life in the Gush of Boasts” > Scott Marshall [Paniculture]
25. “Handle With Care” > EZ3kiel [Jarring Effects]
26. “We Are Your Friends” > Die Trip Computer Die [Alcohol]
27. “Orange Noise” > Maschinenschlosser [Dbelltime]
wreck thiS meSS ≈ Radio 100 ≈ Amsterdam ≈ 99.3 FM
Show #100: Best of Whatever
Midnight Friday 21 December 2001 [24:03 – 4:07]
Skandinavien > Penumbra [19]
1111101111> Ryoji Ikeda [1]
1111110111 > Ryoji Ikeda [1]
Yoga For Health [throughout] > Richard Hittleman [Yoga For Health]
Living on the Borderlines > Penumbra [19]
Kiser Lake > Scott Marshall [24]
The Great Tit [bird] > Ben Schott [“Preeeweet!”]
My Life in the Gush of Boasts > Scott Marshall [24]
Trans Incolore > Phil Von [18]
Sah? > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
+ Agenda > Vanilla Bean [*]
+ Word Association > Vanilla Bean [*]
4 > Geez N’ Gosh [22]
IDP > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
Tonali > Massimo [6]
Black Smoke > Vanilla Bean [*]
The Suit > PiL [“Metal Box” or “Second Edition”]
14 > Komet [22]
Naloxon > Morphine Boutique [17]
13 > Alva Noto [22]
Age Breaker > Space WŸrm [13]
Mystic > Ultra Milkmaids [6]
Mister Whitehead, Are You There > Gregory Whitehead [13]
9 > Stewart Walker [22]
Electric Earth Part 2 > Pitch Black [20]
Raum 1 Original > Pole [15]
Buprenorphin > Morphine Boutique [17]
Total Destruction > DJ Scud [11]
Mash The Place Up > DJ Scud [11]
Come With It > DJ Scud [11]
Polvo Maranjo > Maschinenschlosser [27]
+ Sex Talk > Vanilla Bean **
Civic Halo > Tennis [“Europe on Horseback” Bip Hop]
Nowhere At Home > Karl Marx Stadt [“1997-2001” Lux Nigra]
Kopfleuchten > Zorn [16]
Boss in the Boat > Tosca [“Suzuki” G-Stone]
Pabadam > Yonderboi [7]
Aeroplanes [Gainsbourg] > Readymade [12]
Do you Like My Music > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
Au Bord de la Mer > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
Je Prefere attendre Encore un Peu > Julie B. Bonnie [10]
Requiem Pour un Con [Gainsbourg] > The Orb [12]
Vol. 1 [Advanced] > L.S.Diezel [4]
Radical Dubber > King Jammy vs Dry & Heavy [8]
Windaloop > Subaqueous Pleezer vs Digi Dub [4]
Deconsoled > Zorn [16]
Vas 2 > Maschinenschlosser [27]
Finale > Vanilla Bean [*]
Estatica Estacionaria > Maschinenschlosser [27]
[*] “The Price Is Beans” was produced and compiled by his sometime sidekick WFMU DJ Jim Price in 2001. Frank “Vanilla Bean” Balesteri who was the insanely inventive, unpredictable, turbulent, dynamic inspiration for many a DJ at WFMU [NY/NJ]. He wasn’t only good with freestylin’ talk and jive, he also had excellent musical taste and a depth and breadth of musicological knowledge that really was amazing — anecdotes and observations about almost any musician you might bandy about.  Altho most notorious for his transgressive mouthing-off wiseguy skits and freestylin adlibbing, he could also get under your skin by spinning songs that were always irritating and godawful but somehow he made you look at really bad music anew – deconstruction, decontextualization? I dunno. He just stripped the paint right off your bonnet… or stripped all preconception right off whatever serves as your hard drive…

[**] I now realize that before I became a DJ in 1986 and even after, how I used to record WFMU radio shows and realize how much of the Bean’s shows survive. He also used to do a great show with sidekick and erstwhile near-pop-star, R. Stevie Moore, who with his Brian Wilson meets Captain Beefheart meets XTC pop songs was way ahead of most listener’s time and is unjustly not appreciated [although he did have some popular releases in France].

wReck thiS meSS on Radio Patapoe 97.2 Amsterdam
no. 163 > Best Top Faves
24 December  (17:15 to 19:06)
Sah? > Indopepsychics vs Robert Henke [2]
The First Line> Ann Hamilton & Andrew Deutsch [13]
Dustmite > Headset [3]
We Are Your Friends > Die Trip Computer Die [26]
Ramen #1 > Low Res [3]
Wormy Epidermie > Roberto Valenza 14 [A]
Malina [2000] > Robert Normandeau [14]
Kastransport mit einmischung des Herrn Cowboy > Niobe [B]
Body Building in the Great Northwest > Vito Acconci [“Writing Aloud” Errant Bodies]
Along the Route > To Rococo Rot vs I-Sound vs A. Balenescu [“Hungry Ghost” City Slang]
Track One [untitled] > Korai Orom [New Music From Central & Eastern Europe” Tamizdat]
Contraption > Janek Schaefer [“Above Buildings” Splinter]
It Hurts > Burnt Friedman [“Plays Love Songs” Nonplace]
A Shower > Si-cut.db [6]
President Bush > Kathy Acker [“Redoing Childhood” Kill Rock Stars]
Blue in Green > Miles Davis [“Kind of Blue” Columbia]
Handle With Care > EZ3Kiel [25]
NY, USA [Gainsbourg] > Snooze [12]
Double Warning > Jah Wobble vs I-Roy [5]
Raum 2 Variation > Pole vs Burnt Friedman [15]
Trump Funk > Ashfelt vs [“The Butterfly Chair EP” Iris Light]
Guidance Dub > King Tubby vs Horace Andy vs Seven Dub [5]
Who’s on Third > Third Bass [“The Cactus Album” Def Jam]
Salvation > Actuality [4]
THANX: to all the musicians and soundscape people and audio enthusiasts who sent me advice and material and all the readers of the playlist who offered encouragement … thanx to the many labels and distributors who continue to see to it that i receive so much interesting material – Touch, JdK, Prikosnovenie, ~scape, Echo Beach, Mille Plateuax, Selektion, Moloko, a-muzik, soleilmoon, word sound, BSI, Dubmission, Kog, Dense, Sprawl, Kill Rock Stars, Iris Light, Bip Hop, XI, Empreintes Digitales, Pogus, Nonplace, Lux Nigra, Hypertunez, Universal Egg, Tamizdat, Knitting Factory, and others. I’d also like to thank musicans/soundsmiths like Scott Marshall, Jaap Blonk, Dallas Simpson, Mike Cooper, John Schnall, Brandon Labelle, Septimania, If Bwana, Ben Schot and guest/musicians like Toni Smith and Jozef van Wissum, as well as others who helped make the show & playlist something else: Dave Mandl, Mike Golden, Carola von Hoffmanstahl, Josephine Bosma, Ptp djs Grrrt & Ronald and Toek and Frits of Fool’s Gold who offered sound material, direction & or WTC-info over the past year and countless others who emailed me. But most of all, Paloma Jet & Nina who allow me the indulgence of this time-consuming diversion…

Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈Ø≈ Ø≈Ø≈

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